New At Blogging


Word Press is really professional compared to Blogger by Google. I have had a Blog before but they always seem so unprofessional to me. I started this blog because I wanted a place to make connections to other people. I know that sounds weird but I hope you know what I am trying to say.

I also, wanted to start this blog to promote my counseling practice and hopefully help those out there that would like more information on counseling.

High lights for this week:

I have been interviewing for a position in higher education. I like working with tomorrows brightest in higher education atmosphere. I prepare and go over what kind of questions the interviewer might ask me. I practice in the mirror to make sure I am not making no grimacing face. However, I seem to always get perplexed when interviewers ask me “What experience do you have working in a culturally diverse population?” I get perplexed because I am african american and I feel like I was raised to know how to work in a diverse population. It’s part of functioning in majority white population. It’s not like I can go to any part of the United States and not see a white person. However, I can go to places where I won’t see another minority. Minorities are moving out to other places but not enough for white people not to have places to call their own. For instance, Northern Wisconsin. I really don’t understand the question they are asking. Are they asking:

  1. Will I be able to assimilate to the majority culture?
  2. Is my identity development primarily that of a Black Nationalist. (In short it means that I only promote the greater good of the black community)
  3. Are you really black?

Average High for the week:

I quit my part-time job that I had for about a year. I felt the job was not in the direction that I am looking to pursue and I didn’t agree with the new mission and direction that the non-profit was going. I know I will miss the couple of consumers that have made big strides with me as their counselor and I hope they keep up the momentum.

What are your thoughts about the question posted earlier?

Leave me a message and say hello.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Hope Amber says:

    I love the “Are you really black?” part. That’s hilarious, but I know EXACTLY what you mean by those questions they ask. Good luck with your blog! I’ll be following. Thanks for following mine!

  2. Welcome to wordpress. I’ve been at it for about a month now and I’m loving it. Thanks for following me. 🙂 I look forward to reading more from the perspective of the therapist. So…. ARE you black enough??? lol

  3. Mz. Bambi says:

    Welcome hun! I hope you enjoy your stay here…the neighbors are very welcoming and supportive!!

  4. Reneegede says:

    I’m not black, but I am considered a black person. African American … the African part is way back. I prefer to think of myself as an “afrimerican” — a blend of three different ethnicities and cultures.

  5. AMERICAN MALE says:

    Welcome and thank you for following my blog American Male @

    I enjoyed reading your post and especially your perspective on Cultural Diversity. I think the question has to be asked because nowadays many individuals haven’t even ventured outside the city limits of their communities. Unless you are living in a major city like NYC, its possible you can have limited exposure to different types of individuals. But I know plenty of New Yorker’s that won’t even cross a bridge to go to New Jersey…lol or many individuals that live in Manhattan that won’t even go to the different boroughs…lol

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