A (____?____) Black Woman


Yeah it is my second post. Still on that optimal job search if you are still wondering. Today’s post is about Black women. I am not bashing or criticizing we get enough of that already. A college student wanted to interview me about being a black woman. Actually they asked my sister and she called me up so that she can sound smart and educated in her response. She has the look good for the camera part covered.

Before the interview she sent my sister some poignant questions about being a black woman. Side note the other person sending the questions is also african american.


  1. How would you describe yourself as a black woman
  2. How do others describe a black woman
  3. Is there any similarities or difference to questions 1 & 2
  4. How is your everyday life affected as being a black woman
  5. Do you see the perception of Black woman changing
  6. What do you see as the future of black woman.

First of all I hate answering these questions. My sister and I had a hard time answering this question.

First of all I don’t see myself as a black woman. I see myself as an African american woman. I know some of you say “WTF” is the difference! There is a difference. Just like you wouldn’t call all people who speak spanish Hispanic. I am actually african american. My father is from Africa and I was born here in the USA. Another is that the question is asking two different things at once. It is asking how do I describe myself and then reference that with how that description fits that of being a black woman. I can’t do both my brain won’t let me so here is what I can do. I describe myself (minus the black woman part) as educated, resourceful, wise, strong, ambitions, loyal, trustworthy. Society and Media describes black woman as strong, loud, angry, disgruntled, mad, and sassy but not in a positive way. The difference in my description of myself and what society and media portray is that my description is positive and the media description is negative. I am strong but why does media see that as a negative thing. We still need assistance with things. I am not talking about welfare. Black woman are not the only loud woman. Have you been around some teenage girls. They are loud. Are we not allowed to get angry? It is a natural emotional reaction. I am not angry all day everyday. I am not disgruntled. I have better things to do than be disgruntled all day. We are not mad (meaning Crazy) the injustice of the world happens to us as well and we all should be mad about that. Why so much negative stereotypes and labels for being a black woman. The fourth question makes being a black woman a social pariah. I personally don’t see how being a black woman affects my day-to-day. I do see how it affects my social well-being. According to a UK psychologist, black women are the least desired women. Boom! Thanks psychologist for calling me SHhhhh—IT. The sad part is that media and society is agreeing with his theory. Between the negative portrayal of black women in the media and how our own race sees us, the psychologist theory isn’t that wrong. I have no problem with interracial relationships. Love who you want to love. Live with who you want to live with. What I do have a problem with is the looking at me with disgust. Am I not human like you and do I not treat you with the kindness and respect. Don’t I deserve the same grimace smile you give to others. Don’t look away from me with shame and disgust while I look at you with smiles and esteem. At one point in time we were both in the SH&T together and I was helping you across to freedom.

The last two questions I can answer together. I don’t see the perception of black woman changing any time soon. I don’t see us being in like light skin dudes were in the 80’s. I don’t see our time coming in my life time. Even though we have made some moves in racial equality. This is something that is not important enough for black culture. I can see black culture finally letting go of the word “Nigga” before changing the stereotype and description of black women. As black women we are double minority. Unfortunately, our black culture comes before our gender. Negative portrayal of black women is not at the top of NAACP list of things to fight. Unfortunately, the description of a strong black woman has led us to be marginalized and left out to solve itself.

So here is my letter to NAACP, Black culture and who ever else would like to help!

DEAR_(Fill in Blank)_________,

We need your help! I know our description says strong black women but we can’t be strong alone. We have been strong for so long and our strong walls are starting to fall. We need your help! This problem is not going to go away by itself. We have tried and it is still hear in 2012. We need your help! A lot of damage has been done from this problem that started a long time ago. We need your help! We need your help educating, mentoring, and empowering our black culture and society to see how this problem is more than just ONE DISGRUNTLED, ANGRY, MAD, BLACK WOMAN!


A (___?____) Black woman

Collage of myself

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  1. Mz. Bambi says:

    Veryyyyyyyy nice!! I look forward to your many other posts. Those questions would have been a little difficult to answer – especially on the spot – but I believe you did a great job!

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