Good news people my job search might be over. Sorry I have been away not blogging but I had a lot on my mind.

I met this guy and one of the questions I asked him was what made him come over and talk with me. I figure he would say something about my beauty, my charisma, or the fact that I have a certain je ne se qoi. He stated that he doesn’t mess with Americanized women. He came over to talk to me because I didn’t seem Americanized. I was like what does that mean? He stated that Americanized means to him materialistic and selfish. I wasn’t sure if I could say thank you or WTF.

One he used the term Americanized wrong and two are all Americans materialistic and selfish? No, Its like saying all white people are racist. All I am saying why should a few spoil the batch.

Everyone is a bit materialistic. Your materialism may not be a car, clothes or gadgets.

I always seem to get the odd ones.  I think I would prefer the je ne se qoi as a response.


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