I just want to be friends


I know the kiss of death to guys from a woman is “I just want to be friends.”. Seriously, I miss having male friends. I miss the spontaneous randomness. I miss doing fun activities with out the thought of how that may look to other people. I remember at time when I was friends with guys and I had the most fun that I ever had. I know I was younger but that group of friends allowed me to explore and test my physical ability. I know I was only 9 but I played sports, climb trees and learn how to fake survive in the wilderness.

I like my girlfriends, the moral support and emotional support. However, my girlfriends don’t take as much risk and stay in there comfort zone of how they relate and be around others. Not too spontaneous in adventure and sometimes I just want to do something without discussing the emotion ramifications.

I know there are probably some men out there who are feeling the same way about there guy friends. They want to get moral support and talk things through but don’t have that support to help them do  that.

All I am saying is why can’t we go back to the time when I was 9 or so and just be friends? I miss hanging out and having fun with no worries or cares about impressing the other person or playing a certain role.

Can we all just hang out? Can I be your FWNB (Friend With No Benefits)


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