Scared and happy about the Possibilities!


Did I mention to the rest of you that I am in the process of moving out-of-state to start a new? Each week is a new feeling. First week I’m scared as crap and worried. The second week I’m excited and can’t wait.

How do you adjust to big changes? This is a big change for me and it will mark the start of a different part of my life. I work with many clients about making big changes and each of them are affected in different ways.

  • Some just jump in to the change and not look back
  • Others I can’t even get them to come close to the change
  • Some make plans to change

I would say I am the third one. I am a planner at heart but this change I can’t plan for everything and that bothers me. Also, I don’t do well with ambiguity or the unknown. I know all the techniques and strategies to work with client with similar problems yet with my self I can’t get myself to buy into my therapy. I guess I would have to build my better rapport with myself so I can eventually trust myself in the process.

As they say counseling trust the process!


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