Same verse just as bad as the first!


While talking with my sister today and she telling her trials and tribulations of her friends. When she was telling her story I couldn’t help think that this story sounded familiar? In general the story is about my sister helping out a friend and a friend not acknowledging the help. My sister feeling used and abused. Similar situation happened to me in my senior year of college with my friend. The thing I regret about the situation is the fact that I didn’t tell my friend my feelings about how I was feeling used and abused. I bottled it up and ended up not being friends with this person anymore. Basically, 3 strikes and I couldn’t be friends with her anymore. I told my sister that she should tell her friend how she is feeling so that she doesn’t bottle it up and resent her later. I told my sister that her friend is going to be angry regardless but if she is a real friend she will acknowledge her feelings and figure out a way to move past it.

If not maybe the friendship was based on situation. For example, friends you have in college classes with you but outside the classroom the friendship doesn’t keep up itself.

Everyone has varying levels of friends. College friends, Co-workers, friends you grew up with, etc… Some are lasting while others are for a time in your life. Sometimes holding on to friends who were just situational or a time in your life isn’t worth the energy.

What are your thoughts?


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