As I mentioned before I am in an transition in my life in which I am ready to move on and do something else. Which requires me to condense or get rid of my stuff. Which can be hard and difficult at time. I like this post about what your place says about you and how much of this stuff do I need. Whose life are you living with all your stuff. Is it a life you chose for yourself or a life you thought you are suppose to have?

Change The Code

Give Me Some Ideas On Minimalist Interior Design

I have a Minimalist Living Interior Design Challenge for you.

You will see some photos of my place. I did not move anything around, so these are the before pictures.

What I am looking for from you are ideas on what should go. And maybe what should stay.

I am on board with the Minimalist Living 100 Thing Challenge so I know that a lot of stuff will have to go.

So you tell me. What are some of your interior design ideas?. Please keep in mind that I want a minimalist interior design theme.

Living a minimalist lifestyle has made me realize certain things and I am learning more about myself everyday.

I can do without. I do not need anything.

I have some ideas on what should go. But I want your interior design ideas. Move this or toss that…

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