Recycling Pays

Scrap metal yard, Constitution Street Scrap me...
Scrap metal yard, Constitution Street Scrap metal bound for China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I mentioned in earlier post I am saving to make the big move to another state but before you can truly move one has to get rid of some of the baggage that is holding me back. To do this I started a “Moving West or Burst” Jar that I have put all my extra change and money I get from reducing my baggage. Today was no different. Last Sunday was Pawn Sunday in which I pawned off clothing that I no longer wear or have never worn but bought thinking that I like the outfit and will wear it some day but that day never came. Today I decided to recycle. I had a whole lot of metal fencing that I packed from a previous residents to the current residence thinking I was going use it. Two years later the fencing was still not set up and now I am planning on moving. Long story short, I took the metal fencing to a scrap metal yard and low and behold they paid me 50 dollars for all that scrap metal fencing. I was going to let recycling take it but I made a little profit that can be used towards the moving fund.

In trying to reduce my clutter I made a profit.

What Baggage are you still caring around whether it is physical or mental? Is it time for you to get rid of old things that aren’t useful to you anymore? What are your thoughts?


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  1. AMERICAN MALE says:

    great ideal! With the high gas prices and cost of living expenses out west, trust me every tip you learn now will save you a dollar later.

    1. AMERICAN MALE says:

      P.S. I enjoy reading your blog, I placed a link on my blog to your blog!

      1. chibuzu says:

        Thank you for placing a link to my blog. How do you do the blog link? I will continue to keep blogging.

      2. AMERICAN MALE says:

        Hey, First you have to create a widget, go to dashboard, click on appearance, click on widgets, on the left click-hold-drag the box label link to the “FOOTER” section. Click the inverted triangle to open the label and create a name for it, then click save and close.

        Next while in dashboard, click on links, add new, it should be self-explanatory from there any question, let me know

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