Waste Not Want Not



While doing my pre-guest cleaning ( Mom will be here next week to visit). I noticed I had a large amount of lotion bottles that have a small amount of lotion in it. I found my exact-o knife and I went to town on cutting them in half. Come to find out I had about 4 cups of lotion in all those lotion bottles. That is more than one full bottle of lotion and I just saved myself from going to the store and buying another bottle of lotion for 6.00 dollars.

At the same time I spent the time going through my magazine collection to see which ones I would like to donate to library. That was therapeutic because I was De-cluttering my home. I will be donating my stacks to my local library. Tomorrow is Pawn Sunday. Which means I will take the time to pick out the things I would like to pawn that I don’t use anymore.

Trying to minimize my world one day at a time while saving money!

How are you de-cluttering? Whether it is physical or mental at some point we have to decide what is useful and purge the things that aren’t.


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