Eat, Meditate, Camp

As some of you may know I will be moving at the end of July. I am in the process of minimizing my life. Having a big garage sale to get rid of my stuff. You don’t realize how much stuff you have accumulated until you move out. I have way too much stuff when I have a room to hold the stuff and my place is starting to look as clutter as my parents house. At the same time you have to think with all the stuff you accumulated what life where you trying to live. Based on the stuff you have in your place, it tells a story about the kind of life you are trying to lead. Anyways enough about that, back to the Eat, Meditate, Camp. I was talking to another counseling colleague and he suggested the idea of taking time out of my life to do something I always wanted to do. Camping is one of the things I always wanted to try. Camping seems primal and I already know I can survive civilization even in this bad economy. Can I survive with minimal luxuries and my mind. Of course I am going to feed myself because I have to live but the other part of the camping trip is to have time to be alone with my thoughts. Out in the wilderness, there isn’t much else you can do other than enjoy the natural sights and be entertain by your thoughts. I figure I might get some reading, writing, and sight-seeing done.

Similar to the book Eat, Pray, Love. I am going to use the time to enjoy nature and clear out the negative clutter.

How do you clear your mind?


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  1. AMERICAN MALE says:

    Camping is an amazing experience, it’s something I loved to do as a child. For first time campers I would suggest going out in the woods with a guild. They have this way of helping you truly reconnect with your surrounds! This may seem strange but what helps me clear my mind and helps me refocus is by doing something that I hate to the most which is writing!

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