IT’s starting to get Real!

My furniture is gone. So much possibilities at my new place.

Sorry I haven’t been blogging as much as I should be but I have had a lot on my mind. It is so much that writing a blog post wasn’t enough to relieve the stress. As some of you may know. I am in the process of making a transition in my life. Moving on to hopefully greener pastures but at least a new experience. As part of that transition I am slowly letting go of things I clanged to in the past. Right now I am starting with material possessions such as furniture, appliances etc…. Last weekend I sold my washer and dryer set. This weekend I sold my furniture set. June 23rd is the garage sale. Each time I sell or get rid of my things I get a bit sad and a sense of joy. Sad because these things were a part of my life that I am accustomed to them and joy because now I am not bogged down by the baggage and clutter of all the things I have accumulated and the money I get from getting rid of it. All the things I have accumulated are from my 20’s when I first graduated from college and started to live on my own as an a non attached to my parents adult. I did well for myself. My place looked like an adult home. No random bean bag chairs, or futon etc… At the same time I accumulated things that I thought adult like living is supposed to be like. After awhile the excitement and joy of the possessions turns in clutter that you feel chained too. Now that I got rid of some of the stuff I am thinking more about how I want my place to feel, look and what kind of expression does it exude. When I had my old stuff I got it because it was a good deal and at the time it was exciting to be an adult. No rhyme or reason to what I got. Because of that I did take good care of my stuff but it didn’t feel like home. Now that I am older, I want to make my home in a way that feels like home too me and it is tranquil and peaceful.


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