To Censor or Not!


I understand parents and people banning and blocking children from seeing or witnessing things inappropriate for their age. For example, blocking television shows, movies and magazines that are not for a child. I understand these as necessary because there is a visual aspect that you do not want the child to see.

What about books? You know those non-fictional and fictional reading material with little or no pictures. Do you censor or ban books? This is where its a bit of a grey area for me. Reading expands comprehension and vocabulary and it is all around a good idea for children to read more. However, certain books are for a specific audience. If the book doesn’t have a visual aspect, then it is up to the reader to comprehend and bring to life the visual aspect when reading. The reader interprets the words which tell a story. For example, if I read a romance novel in french and I don’t have a good grasp of the french language, then I may not have a good comprehension of what the story is about.

On the other hand reading is fundamental. The more your child reads the better his/her vocabulary and the better comprehension. Coming from a person who had a late start at reading, I understand how difficult it is to function with limited comprehension and vocabulary. When I finally did get a better grasp on reading I wanted to read as much as I could. For me, reading a lot of romance novels when I was younger helped me to increase my vocabulary. If my parents had blocked some books, that might have deterred my reading development.

It’s thrilling to read something and watch the story unfold in your mind. No two people visualize the story the same way when reading the story. Reading is a place to explore thoughts and adventures in a safe place.



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