How do you manage your work and personal life?

English: An artist's depiction of the rat race...
English: An artist’s depiction of the rat race in reference to the work and life balance. See Made with following images: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So today I had the opportunity to interview for a job position that I am truly interested in doing. I am just happy to even be considered. One of the questions that the interviewers asked me was ” How do you manage your work and personal life” I wanted to say I don’t handle my work and personal life. That would mean I actually have a personal life. Work for me is my personal and social life. I do go out and do things for myself or take little adventures but it doesn’t affect my work life. I don’t have a family to take care of or other responsibilities. Work is the most exciting thing that currently occurs in my life. I know that seems sad to some people but that is all I got. I enjoy my weekends to myself but when Monday comes I like what the new week brings at work. Maybe if I have a family or other things to occupy my time then I can truly find ways to balance my life.

To be cliche I answered the question as “I try to make time for my personal life by giving myself enough time and space each day and taking needed vacation time.” I haven’t been on a vacation in 2 years.

Interviewer doesn’t want to hear that I have no personal life that will hamper my work they want to hear that I can time manage and balance my life very well.

Interviewers, I manage my time well and I am very efficient. I managed to finish a 42 credit Masters  program in 2 years taking a full class load each semester  and working full time and completed the program with a 4.00 GPA. If that doesn’t show I know how to manage time I don’t know what is.

How do you manage your work and personal life?


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