Moving is so stressful or is it Change in general that is Stressful

Landlord? (Photo credit: the justified sinner)

Sorry to all my blog followers for being missing in action for a while. I have gone through some things. The first thing was figuring out where I am going to live after I move out. The second was figuring out where I am going to go after I move out. I am still in limbo now and working on this process but I did move out of my old place.

Now moving out of my old place was an ordeal. It was the worse move out experience ever. The landlord or slum lord was being vengeful and just down right mean. As a tenant we did nothing wrong but as soon as I mentioned that I was moving out that is when help broke loose. First thing she tried to do was enter my place of residence when ever she wanted to just to show the apartment. I informed her that she needed a 24 hour notice before she can enter the apartment. She still insisted and state that I know the situation and that I should be more understanding. I informed her that I understand what she is trying to do and that she still has to follow the state and city law as a landlord. Then she got all angry about following the laws and stated that I am preventing her from renting the place. I am doing no such thing. If she gives me the 24 hour notice then she can see the place with no problem.

So basically the drama of my slum lord made my move out horrible. Then when I went through the walk through she began to criticize and insult me which had nothing to do with rental of the place or the cleaning. In her eyes she thinks insulting and criticizing me will get me not to retrieve my security deposit.
The incident with moving out with my landlord made the experience painful. I am still in limbo now while staying with a friend for a month. Relying on a friends kindness is kind of hard for me because I am such an independent self-reliant person. It makes me feel like I need to walk on egg shells because I need her now. I don’t want to mess things up because I know how living with someone changes things and perspectives of people. I am now in her world and that may be different from mine. Moreover, my friend has a teenager and that is a totally different dynamic all together.

I am going to power through this and maybe this might be a good experience that I can write about someday in a book. Maybe an eBook.

Tell me about your worst move out experience? Or is change stressful for you?


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