The Practice Boyfriend

I am getting out there trying to mix and mingle. If that is what they are calling it these days. I want to tell people that yes I am in my thirties yet still look like I am in my twenties but I have an old woman mentality sometimes. I have been single for awhile that I really don’t know how to be an awesome girlfriend. I get bored too easy and that leads me to give up. At the same time I am inpatient but you would never know how inpatient I am when you see me counseling or working with students as an adviser.

I just kind of feel like that I am not meeting the type of people that compliment my personality. I just want to find someone who allows me to be me. I spent my twenties trying to fit the person I was interested in. I am too old for that mess.

So good news I met a guy. He is sweet. He is very good looking. Like he should bottle it and sell it.

He doesn’t fit the type I usually attract. So when he stated that he was interested in me I was like “Ashton Kutcher get out here I know you are Punking me!” As usual I was skeptical so the first time we went out I had my personal detective watching his every move. Fact checking all his statements to make sure I wasn’t being set up.

The guys I am use to are macho up front. Attentive in the beginning to lure you in and later on just sending or responding in one word or short phrases. In the beginning they were writing thesis papers now they can barely answer a yes or no question. Text/Call/In your face the first couple of weeks. After that you barely know whether he is still interested. Moreover, his conversation in the beginning with you seem staged and rehearsed to make it seem like he is interested in the Sh%T you are actually talking about. Lastly, on that first date you are pretty much carrying the conversation with him nodding in agreement while surveying your land. Or maybe this just occurs with me. I just don’t have good experiences with first dates but that is a whole another blog post.

I don’t know where the relationship is going to go but hey it is a nice change of pace. I like the mundane conversations. I look forward to his good morning and good night texts. I like that he has stuff on his plate but still makes plans.

The whole experience all together is making me re-evaluate healthy relationships, dating, and my idea of what is masculine.

I guess Practice makes Perfect.


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  1. smilecalm says:

    Practice, practice, practice! And when we are really good, it’s all over. Or so they say.

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