The love for animals or the fear of your loneliness

I know friends and roommates who have a house full of pets. When I ask them why so many pets they tell me it’s because they really love and care for animals. Really? I have a cute an adorable dog myself and I can’t imagine getting another dog again. I had two dogs at one time and I personally felt like I wasn’t giving my pets the level of love they deserved. I loved both the dogs but I felt guilty that I couldn’t love both of them evenly. The other dog I felt that I loved out of obligation. I tried to love him like I loved my other dog but it just didn’t happen. Of course I found him a good home where he can be loved like he deserves.

However, I don’t understand people who have over 2-3 animals as pets. I am not talking goldfish or hamsters. I am talking about 3 cats and 3 dogs and they are not living on large plot of land. No it’s not the partridge family. Just one man/woman with 3 cats and 3 dogs. Lets be honest it’s probably a woman. I haven’t met a single male with a house full of dogs and cats. As a single person having that many pets in the house I would say there might be some loneliness or slight collecting or hoarding. To me having that many pets is not a love for animals but a need for personal companionship because you are missing something. The pets are there to fill a void.

My roommate is really a nice person but that women is certifiably lonely. No right minded man/woman would have 3 cats and 3 dogs up in their home if they are not running a shelter. I am not saying she doesn’t love her animals but that she herself is not able to provide the time and love like she would if she had just 1-2 animals.

I believe that one should not have more animals than people in the house.

I will be sticking with just one dog until he moves to greener pastures. Even when that day comes, I don’t know if I would get another dog.


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