Second String!

I know how the second string kicker or quarterback feels like playing on a team. They call you in for when the first string kicker is not available or out on injury.

Why do I feel like a second string kicker, well because at work I don’t feel like part of the team. I feel like the fill in. Anytime someone is sick or can’t do something, they contact me or put someone else’s work on my calendar. Every time I think I am finally feeling like part of the team, someone always reminds me what role I play. The irony is that it isn’t the main team member who tells me that I am second string. It is the equipment manager. Just when I get to join in the team celebration, I get a message from the equipment manager that I need to fall back because I am only second string.

I am just waiting for the day when someone snaps me up to play first string? I know I have to pay my dues but I think I have done my time and I have the same amount of experience and education at the regular team member. Actually, I have more experience than some of the team members. I don’t rub that information into them. I am cordial and polite hoping that one day they will see my value to their team.

I guess maybe they might not see my value and this is just time spend paying my dues so that another team can see my value and use me like the awesome player I am.

I hope you all know this has nothing to do with playing a sport but in being a valuable member of your work place.

Have you ever felt like you are not valued as a team member?


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