1 Year of Blogging


I know most people when they start a blog they start saying they wanted to use their blog to express themselves and state their ideas etc…. I just wanted to do something. I was pretty bored with my life at the time and this blog was a way to add more. It is hard blogging. Starting out I worried if what I write is even blog worthy. Who is going to read it. I want to sound really smart and intellectual etc… Now that I am a year in, those worries don’t faze me. I have had blog post that has gotten a lot of comments to blog post that wasn’t even looked at. Surprisingly the post that I don’t contemplate on that much become the post that get a lot more likes. I have to say that I know now that in blogging you just don’t have to over think it.

Now that I let it flow and not think about it much I feel more comfortable bring you my experience, my thoughts, my passion, in a nut shell my world through my words.

If you haven’t been to some of my other blogs. Please check them out as well.

Foodmental.wordpress.com AKA Pussy Foods



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  1. Hi, thanks for this honest post – as a new blogger it’s great to see these types of posts so I can prepare for the long haul. Would you be willing to share any stats on blog views, followers, likes etc. weekly or monthly for the year? I’d be really interested to see how it’s changed over the year. I think a lot of other new bloggers would get a lot out of seeing graphically how you can’t build a blog following overnight. I’d like to collect stats from a bunch of bloggers and average them together to provide some advice to others. Let me know if you’d be interested in contributing to this.


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