Some times you just need to Shut the BLEEP UP!


I know if I start my sentence saying something like “Not to be Racial” means I am about to say something that might be taken offense by another race. So I am not even going to mention that. I am just going to have to state my concern. In my 33 years on earth as an African American. I have learned a lot about my culture and about the dominant culture. African Americans are a bit more conservative about telling their information to strangers compared to white people. This could be a good thing or bad thing depending on the environment. My main concern is really with white people and their comfort about telling there business. I have met very few white people who didn’t tell me their life story or general personal business to a stranger. For example, my roommate who happens to be a white female pretty much told me her whole life story the second day I moved in with her. Thanks for not leaving any mystery. No getting to know you. Then she gets all disturbed because I don’t spill the beans like she did. Hello! I am African American, it is not in my nature to tell strangers my business. Get to know me first and I might tell you a few things. More importantly, we haven’t built a trust that I can give you this kind of information.

Why do some white people divulge so much information out to strangers. Is that part of your white privilage of feeling invincible. Meaning you don’t think anyone would ever use that information against you. Especially to the minority culture, I feel some white people get verbal diarrhea when meeting a black, Asian, Spanish etc… person the first time. I just said hello and you want to tell me your whole life. By the time the verbal diarrhea comes out I don’t really give a rats ass about what you are talking about and now I have ammunition for my proverbial gun.

Then when a stranger does hurt you in some way because you divulge this information you act all surprised?

I just wish some white people would take a lesson from my African american culture and SHUT the BLEEP UP! There is a time to share and get to know each other.



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