Sabbatical is over!

I know I hit 1 year of blogging and I just fell off the planet. I apologize, I was going through some things. First thing I was going through was a bad living situation. This living situation, reconfirmed why I don’t like living with other people. This roommate was clingy, needy and annoying. At the same time she is the kind of person who would complain about you like her stuff don’t stink. I will never and I mean never rent a room in someone personal home. I don’t care how nice or if you pay rent they will never respect you or your space because guess what? It’s always their house.

I have moved to a safer and cleaner place where I can be myself in comfort. I also realize that I like animals but I don’t want to live on a farm. Lastly, as I am getting older I am getting use to smaller spaces and less stuff. This move was not as bad as when I moved out of a bigger place. I accumulated too much stuff.

Well the good news is that I am back and I am ready to express myself in a meaningful way. I have a lot of bottle of thoughts I have been sitting on for awhile and I figure might as well get them out.


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