How do you maintain authenticity with your child


I am sitting with my sister and we are noticing a lot of children in the area we are sitting. As I am getting older I am not as googlie eyed about children as I used to be. I don’t have any children either unless you count a dog. I think babies are fascinating but only between the ages of 3 months to 5 years old. After then the fascination is not as amazing. Every time I think about awe the baby and then I think about them growing up and I am instantly turned off. 

Any who, How do you as parents maintain your authenticity with your young children. I was watching a parent praise their child for jumping or drawing or something. Either way it wasn’t really that amazing or worthy of praise. In america people shame other people for not being real yet parents do this for their children all the time. How do you balance your authenticity with your child. Not every cart wheel, drawing, singing, etc… is amazing yet. As a non parent, I see this over praising all the time and I think about is that helping or hindering the child? I could remember times when my parents praised me for things I knew I didn’t work that hard on but then that leads me now to question their authenticity of their praise. Then if someone who is not family doesn’t provide that child with the same kind of praise is the person wrong or is it the parents fault for not being authentic? 

This is the kind of thoughts I have as I think about all my friends who have or are having children. 

How do you keep it real to your children?


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