Avoidance and a New Start


I am not going to apologize for not blogging more often because it wouldn’t be truthful. I had thoughts about blogging and ideas of what to blog about but I just wasn’t compelled to blog it. I was avoiding my blogs.

On a happier note, my long working sentence of limbo is about to be over. Meaning, I haven’t been full-time employed in 3 years. The last job I had was back in 2010 when I left my state job to finish my graduate degree and pursue my career goals of working at a college. I know people were looking at me crazy for leaving a “good” job but it wasn’t the right kind of job for me. I tried many times back when I had this job to find jobs more in my field of interest but I didn’t have the connections, the experience, or the knowledge I needed to make the transition. So I left my stable job for a hopeful career in higher education. What have I been doing since leaving my stable job? I have been working part-time trying to increase my experience, knowledge, and connections. While in this limbo I increased my knowledge through completing a graduate degree and increased my connections through other graduate students and faculty who had connections in the field of work I was looking for. Specifically, my friend Shaylea provided me the introduction I needed to get started in working in advising. I realized I excel at this kind of work and I found some personal enjoyment in feeling useful. However, it was just missing the structure, organization, and supervision I long for. Advising is great and I like working with the students but sometimes I felt like I was triaging. I wasn’t solving the root problem but just alleviating the symptoms.

I am a planner and organizer at heart. When working with students I always think about how can I make this more efficient or easier for the students to understand. I hope that in taking this new position as an Outreach Specialist, I will be able use my planning and organizing heart and be able to transition at some point to supervising, managing and directing.

Moral of the story:

In the 3 years of limbo, I learned a plethora of new skills and how to market them to employers. I also became more knowledgeable about what kind of work environment I am looking for and what kind of work would best match my talents and skills. Moreover, I have become really resourceful in the past 3 years of working part-time. Learning to budget and plan my time and resources accordingly.

What others can gain from this blog:

Learn about taking risk to get to where you want. How connections, experience and knowledge can help you move to where you want to go.


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